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Registration Terms & Rules

In order to proceed, you must agree to the following:

Forum Terms & Rules

If you do not receive the verification email please email, alternatively you can now sign up quicker with Facebook and Twitter Connect and log straight in, see next page.

Please read the following information carefully. By creating an account on XboxLiveAddicts you are confirming that you have read, understood and will abide by all rules. Inability to obey these rules may result in appropriate responsive action being taken against you. XboxLiveAddicts reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without notice or prior warning. It is the responsibility of all users to periodically check the rules to ensure they have a full and up to date understanding of them.

    Account creation
    You may not create a screen name containing profanity, racial remarks or any word or phrase a reasonable person may deem offensive
    You may not create a screen name deliberately mimicking that of an existing site member
    You may not claim ownership of or display, any XboxLIVE Gamertag not owned by you
    You agree to maintain an active e-mail address with which XboxLiveAddicts Administrators can contact you
    You submit to XboxLiveAddicts Administrators having the right to update, alter or delete your account at any time

Posting in forums
You will try to post any new topics you make in the correct forum. If your topic is placed in the wrong forum, it may be moved by a member of XboxLiveAddicts Staff
You understand that all posts made on XboxLiveAddicts forums become the property of XboxLiveAddicts on posting and that XboxLiveAddicts has the right to edit or delete any post without warning or explanation
You will ensure that any posts you make on XboxLiveAddicts forums are constructive and on topic
You may not use profanity in any of your posts. Furthermore, you agree not to attempt to circumvent the bad word filter
You understand that Freedom of Speech is not applicable to your postings here, rather that you will receive Flexibility of Speech. This means we will tolerate your opinions and views, whether or not we agree with them, but the decision on what is and what is not acceptable material for this website remains solely and absolutely ours
You may not use our services to advertise, discuss or display any illegal or questionable activities whatsoever. This includes but is not limited to, modified (be it soft or hard modded) electronic equipment, pirate software, "warez" sites, p2p or torrents, pornography or any other activity that would infringe Copyright, local, national or international law
You may not post personal attacks on other site members. There will be no racial, ethnic or gender based insults or any other personal discriminations or posts designed to offend or hurt another site member
You understand that any post made containing a link to an external website may be taken down by XboxLiveAddicts Staff without prior warning or explanation.
You may not advertise, publicise or link to any clan site or gaming forum without prior approval from an XboxLiveAddicts Administrator
You may not argue a Staff members decision publicly. All complaints directed at a Staff member must be sent via Private Message to an XboxLiveAddicts Administrator who will then make a final decision on the matter We reserve the right to take action against any member who, in our opinion, has violated our rules or disrupted our community

    Membership of online Leagues and Competitions
    You understand that membership of XboxLiveAddicts does not convey an automatic right of entry into the Leagues and Competitions run by XboxLiveAddicts
    You agree to abide by the general rules of XboxLIVE while performing any action related to our Leagues or Competitions
    You agree to abide all rules specifically applicable to a League or Competition. Such rules will be displayed in a pinned topic in the League forum
    You understand that your actions on XboxLiveAddicts forums may result in your removal from one or all Leagues and Competitons
    You understand that your actions in any XboxLiveAddicts League or Competition may have repercussions to your account status with XboxLiveAddicts

Use of the Private Message (PM) System
You understand that all relevant site rules from the Posting in Forums section are applicable to the PM system
You understand that PMs must remain private unless explicitly agreed otherwise by all involved parties
You understand that PMs may be viewed by XboxLiveAddicts Administrators at any time should they believe your actions to be malicious or contrary to site rules
You understand that abuse of the PM system will result in the removal of your ability to access it

    Signatures & Avatars
    You understand that all relevant site rules from the Posting in Forums section are applicable to avatars and signatures
    You may not have more than 1 image in your signature. The file size limit is 150Kb and the physical size limit is 500 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall
    For text signatures, a maximum of 200 characters per line applies with a maximum of 5 lines total.
    Mixed signatures must include no more than 1 image, as described above, and 2 lines of 200 character text.
    If your signature exceeds these limits then a member of Staff will ask you to remove it, giving you two days to do so. Should your signature remain in place after this time it will be removed for you.
    The maximum file size for Avatars is 150KB and the physical limit is 200 pixels wide by 120 pixels tall

    Linking to XboxLiveAddicts video or image files and copyright
    You may not link directly to videos or images hosted on XboxLiveAddicts. If you wish to link to media hosted on XboxLiveAddicts, please link to the post containing it
    You understand that should you link directly to media hosted on XboxLiveAddicts then you risks being permanently banned from XboxLiveAddicts
    XboxLiveAddicts' content is covered by the UK copyright service

All these rules ensure that we have a friendly community without the drama you may find on other forums and we welcome you into our community.

Thanks and appreciation
Xboxliveaddicts' Staff

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